About Circular Hub Sweden

Circular Hub is a platform project that aims to promote the transition to a circular economy in the textile, fashion and furniture industries.

Our goal is to be an influencing factor and actively support and drive the transition towards a circular economy. We mainly target small and medium-sized companies in Western Sweden, but we also collaborate with large companies, municipalities, politicians and companies in other industries and regions. This is because the circular changeover is a system shift that requires the cooperation of several actors. We have, for example, created cooperation agreements with large companies and started the Circular Municipality project.

Western Sweden is already a leader today when it comes to innovative, sustainable and circular projects and processes in textiles, fashion, interior design and furniture. Through our platform, we want to highlight projects and research environments that work with circular business models and increase knowledge about circular economy. Therefore, Circular Hub is based in Västra Götaland.

Our vision is to position Western Sweden as a global partner and role model in the circular economy for textiles, fashion, interior design and furniture, with a particular focus on small and medium-sized companies.

In Western Sweden, there is a large concentration of companies in textiles, fashion, interior design and furniture, as well as strong expertise in academia, institutes and business. It gives us the best possible conditions for promoting and supporting circular business models in textiles, fashion and furniture.

Circular Hub is run in collaboration between Science Park Borås and IDC West Sweden in Skövde and is financed, among other things, by the European Regional Development Fund and the Västra Götaland region. Our main focus is on working within the Västra Götaland region and collaborating with Halland.

Our work is in line with the climate strategy Climate 2030, which is run by the Västra Götaland region and the County Board of Västra Götaland County.

For more information about Science Park Borås, visit the website.

For more information about IDC Skövde, visit the website.