To take the steps from a linear business model to a circular one, we have tools that help you in the process. We offer workshops of various kinds so that you can begin the work of becoming a circular company.

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Workshop tools
CircularHub has produced a number of workshop tools that are adaptations of development processes to a circular context. These can be used in groups or on your own to develop circular thinking. There are tools and templates for different areas such as strategy, business model, product development, customer understanding, etc.
Workshop tools for circular conversion >


Circular challenge

Circular Challenge is CircularHub’s model for creating new circular business models. It tackles a circular Business Model Canvas and challenges thinking to develop a circular strategy.
Circular Challenge – move from linear to circular business model


The Circular Design Guide

The Circular Design Guide is several templates to help you understand, define, make and create circular solutions for you, your team, your products and your business.
The tools are developed by the founder of the circular economy, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, together with the world-renowned design company IDEO. The aim is to help companies in the practical work of the transition to a circular economy.